Monday, April 16, 2012

First Dwarf Iris Opening Up.

Standard Dwarf Iris 'Quicken'

Iris 'Quicken'
Although a couple of my dwarf Iris have opened a bloom or two this one 'Quicken' opened up the full planting. This photo taken on April 15th. I also have several more that are in good bud stage development. Love the early blooms on these plants, tulips are almost done, peonies still in bud. Great color timing for the garden.

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Introduction for Landscape Contractors Tulip 'Giant Orange Sunset'

Giant Orange Sunset bed in Pella, IA

My Daughter Margie

Massive Blooms
We have added to our Fall 2012 Landscape catalog a Gregii tulip called 'Giant Orange Sunset'. My people in Holland claimed that it was the "Worlds Largest Tulip Bloom", hearing this type of thing before I approached this with a degree of skepticism. Well this past Saturday I stopped in at Pella, IA and saw it for myself and I am thrilled to say, "Holland was right" it is the largest tulip flower I have ever seen. It is massive. In searching for it I asked the kind older gentleman in the information booth if he knew where it was and he said, "Not sure, but try the far side of the square because there is a brilliant orange flower over there". Some 20 yards away from it I saw it, brilliant orange and big 6-8" flower heads. I quickly got my camera out and started taking photos, but unfortunately it was cold and starting to rain so I did the best I could, here are a few shots and one with my daughter so you can get an idea of the size.

Also interesting is the reddish mottling on the gray-green leaves, the contrast really makes the orange blooms brighter.