Thursday, May 13, 2010

Allium 'Purple Sensation'

It's now time for Allium to start popping up all over. My 'purple sensation' are in full bloom, while 'globemaster', 'giganteum', 'christophii' and 'shubertii' (my wife's favorite) still have a week or two to go. When I speak at garden centers I like to point out how allium fill such a void for color in the garden, the spring bloomers are almost all done and the summer blooms have not yet begun. These pictures I took in spring 2008, at Winter Greenhouse in Winter, Wisconsin. They were everywhere! Definitely worth the trip if your going that way, or even if your not.

On Sept. 18, I will be speaking at Shady Acres Nursery in New Berlin WI., and I will be focusing on allium, all of the above mentioned and a whole lot more. If your anywhere near Shady Acres this weekend, check out the leucojum in their gardens, they are huge.

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