Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Blends for Landscape Architects and Contractors

DeVroomen has added several new blends to their Contractor Program in 2010, one of which "Jimmy Frills" I have highlighted in a previous blog, but I now want to show you some of the other blends that are new for us this year.

From top to bottom:
"Heather's Favorite"
"Royal Oxford"
"Golden Royal"

As you can see purple has been a dominant theme through most of these blends, it balances off the color schemes quite nicely. A darker base color sets off the more brilliant oranges, reds and yellows, making them stand out more.

In the last couple years we have named an introduction after the person who either designed the blend or brought a good one to our attention, this year it was "Heathers Favorite". We would like to continue to do this and would ask for your participation by notifying us of what you might have designed,  or what you think would make a good blend. It is certainly not restricted to just tulips.

Contact: email  richard@devroomen.com

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