Friday, October 14, 2011

The Crown imperial or Kaiser's Crown (Fritillaria imperialis)

 If you've never seen these growing you would think this to be the craziest spring bulb out there. It looks like something from a more tropical land. I snapped these photos at he Keukenhof Gardens In Holland. Remember to plant them as soon as you get them, don't leave them in the car, they smell pretty strong.

Fritillaria imperialis is a native of the Nochiya region in the Middle East, which lies at the heart of the geographical region known as Kurdistan that overlaps where the borders of Iran, Iraq and Turkey meet. Due to the way that the bulb is formed, with the stem emerging from a depression, it is best to plant it on its side, to prevent water causing rot at the top of the bulb.Fritillaria imperialis requires full sun for best growth, and sandy, well-drained soil for permanence. After flowering and complete drying of the leaves, the stems should be cut off just above the ground.  While the native form is orange in color, reds and yellows have been brought through cultivation, but are not as hardy.

Frittalaria Aurora

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