Monday, June 6, 2011

Tall Bearded Iris Showing Off

Iris 'Firebreather'
Iris 'War Chief' center view
Iris 'War Chief'
Two of my most anticipated Tall Bearded Iris have bloomed in the garden. 'War Chief' and 'Firebreather', both of these I planted last year for their names and color. I loved the bright orange color I had seen in photos of 'Firebreather, and it did not disappoint, great color, lots of flowers. 'War Cheif' starts out a little on the purpley side but matures to an almost chocolate wine red, with orange beards and a center that looks like it is on fire when you look straight down on it. I can't wait to head out to Breezeway Iris Gardens and Hornbaker Gardens to see their Iris' in the fields. I'm always looking for seasonally unique, different or showy colors in the garden and I think these to fall into these categories.