Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One of My Favorite Tulips

Photo taken in 2007 of T. Princes Irene

Photo taken in 2006
A lot of times people are always asking me "what's new". Each year we are always able to bring on some new variety of tulip or daffodil and don't get me wrong there are a lot of nice new varieties, but I also say let me show you some older varieties that are my favorites. One in particular is the Triumph tulip 'Princes Irene'. This tulip color of orange and I would call wine red, on a dark stem  is fabulous. Excellent color combination within the same flower, bright but very warm and inviting. Later blooming but not too tall about 12" to 15" Here are a couple of my photos, and you might think they were propped but this is a very strong stemmed plant, and should be spaced tightly but not too tight.