Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yearly theme at Keukenhof Garden

Every year the folks at Keukenhof Gardens have a specific theme and 2012 is "Poland - Heart of Europe". They then plant an area with over 50,000 bulbs and create a mosaic in bulbs.

The mosaic shows a portrait of Chopin, born in Poland. The mosaic has a size of 12 by 20 meters and is planted with 50,000 bulbs. As you can see the bulbs are planted quite close together.

Chopin Mosaic

Eric and Guus
Go to the web site for Keukenhof (find the link in previous post) and you can see some neat You Tube videos, one in particular shows them planting the bulbs.

It's a big place, so walking it can be pretty exhausting. Eric and Guus needed to take a break as you can see.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Crown imperial or Kaiser's Crown (Fritillaria imperialis)

 If you've never seen these growing you would think this to be the craziest spring bulb out there. It looks like something from a more tropical land. I snapped these photos at he Keukenhof Gardens In Holland. Remember to plant them as soon as you get them, don't leave them in the car, they smell pretty strong.

Fritillaria imperialis is a native of the Nochiya region in the Middle East, which lies at the heart of the geographical region known as Kurdistan that overlaps where the borders of Iran, Iraq and Turkey meet. Due to the way that the bulb is formed, with the stem emerging from a depression, it is best to plant it on its side, to prevent water causing rot at the top of the bulb.Fritillaria imperialis requires full sun for best growth, and sandy, well-drained soil for permanence. After flowering and complete drying of the leaves, the stems should be cut off just above the ground.  While the native form is orange in color, reds and yellows have been brought through cultivation, but are not as hardy.

Frittalaria Aurora

It's Time to Plants Bulbs for Spring

Just a reminder that now is the time to plant those bulbs that we love to see blooming in Spring. Pictured are several varieties of Alliums.
Allium Purple Sensation
Allium sphaerocephalon (drumsticks)
Allium Ivory Queen

Allium Giganteum and Christophii
Allium Giganteum

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Village of Arlington Heights may lose all ash trees to emerald ash borer

Not a very encouraging thing, it reminds me of when I was young and they tore down all the elms in Chicago. The streets were lined from one end of the block to the other with tree limbs. It looks like it is happening again.

"In the next five years, Arlington Heights officials predict the village could lose all of its ash trees to the emerald ash borer – leaving it without one-third of its trees.
In neighborhoods like Greenbrier, Burr Oak and Northgate, where the ash population tops 60 percent of the total trees, that could mean a lot of bare streets."
The question now is what do we plant next, will the town I live in have a plan? More to come.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Blends for Fall 2011

Blend Hot Tamale
Blend Burning Embers
Blend Davis Did It
Blend Most Admired
We have added 4 new blends to our "Blends and Mixtures" for Fall 2011, they are 'Burning Embers', Hot Tamale', 'Most Admired' and 'Davis Did It'. Four great tulips blends with some different shapes and styles. 'Davis Did It' is this years "Designer Behind the Blend", put together by Jim Davis using the lily flowering 'Maggie Daley' tulip.