Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daylilies: Re-bloomers vs. Great Bloomers

Continuing on an earlier blog about day lilies ( see: Variety is the "Spice of Life" June 5, 2010) and their bloom characteristics. It is often discussed what makes a good day lily, whether the ever blooming characteristics of 'Stella d'oro' or the re-bloomers like 'Pardon me' or is it a large flower head. What I personally have found to be most important is "Bud Count", how many flower buds are produced on each stem. One has to be very diligent with dead heading day lilies to consistently get good bud counts. Although I have not trialed hundreds of day lilies I have found one variety that has an extremely high bud count, with as many as fifteen buds at a time on one stem. This variety is Hemerocallis 'Cherry Cheeks'. With amazing color, big flowers and great bud count this one's a winner. 'Cheery Cheeks has been blooming for a couple weeks now and is still blooming on July 13th when these photos were taken. The position of the sun did not help the color in these photos, my earlier blog has a better photo to see good color.

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