Monday, July 19, 2010

A visit to Northwind Perennial Farm

I stopped by one of my favorite places to visit last Friday, Northwind Perennial Farm. If you've never been to this unique location in Burlington Wisconsin, it's well worth the trip. Their plant selection although eclectic, is definitely designed to fit Roy Diblik's "Know Maintenance" style of gardening. One thing I loved about my visit was seeing all the Allium 'summer beauty' starting to bloom. Roy uses this great plant a lot due to it's bloom time, hardiness and compact clump forming habit. I also was able to take a picture of Allium pulchellum (bottom photo). Friday being July 16th you get a great idea of when these allium are blooming in the garden. I point out the importance of allium in bloom time whenever I talk about allium's.

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