Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Epimedium the Overlooked Ground Cover

I don't think there is a more overlooked plant in our landscapes than the Epimedium. This plant tolerates shade, as well as moist conditions and handles tree roots quite well. If your sick of only being able to plant Hosta's in these spots, plant some Epimedium. Many more varieties are coming available with brighter flower colors and more flowers. Traditionally these flowers hang downward and sometimes are only slightly above the foliage, but many new varieties are holding the flowers high above the foliage with multi-colored blooms. The foliage also has some color characteristics from a rust red color to a yellowish hue. Although slow to establish they are marvelous plants once they do so, and will persist for many years.


  1. Amen! Every shade garden needs an Epimedium or 20. Although most bloom in early spring, some have a very long bloom time. 'Fire Dragon' continues blooming into late July in my garden.

  2. The bottom photo is a shot of 'Fire Dragon'. We also have 2 new varieties for 2011. 'Akebono' which as an amazing abundance of flowers, and 'Red Beauty'with red flowers. Last year we introduced 2 varieties as well, so lucky for us the breeding on these has grown.

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