Monday, August 23, 2010

Royal Garden Party and Wisely

Still one of my favorite blends in our Fall Blend program, Royal Garden party was introduced in Fall 2008. One reason I am so partial to it is where I first saw it, the Royal Horticultural Garden Wisley in Surry England, UK. Among all the beautiful sights, this blend caught my eye from about 50 yards away (or should I say meters). The striking orange and purpley color combo of the double tulip 'Orange Princess' and the tall singular tulip 'Blue Ribbon' is set off even further by the unusual blue gray foliage of the 'Orange Princess'. I have included a few photos that I took back in spring of 2007. I also wish I coud have gone back in a few weeks to see the Gunnera all grown out, that must have been a sight. I should have taken a picture of the "Bangers and Mash", talk about comfort food, if you're ever there don't pass them up.

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